The Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship Programme in UK

The Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship Programme in UK

Get this wonderful opportunity to become a part of the Royal Academy of Engineering by applying for its Enterprise Fellowship Programme. This fellowship is beneficial for innovative and creative entrepreneurial engineers.

The education award support for three types of individuals researchers, recent graduates, and international PhD students based in the UK who want to develop further. The programme focuses on equipping the awardee with the confidence, skills, experience and network of expert advisors necessary to enable them to develop their innovation.

The Fellowships provide award amount up to £60,000 equity-free funding, tailored mentoring and training, PR, marketing and promotion and access to their drop-in workspace in central London.


University or Research Institute Employees only:

  • Applicants must be working at a UK Higher Education Institute, Research Council Insitute of National Laboratory, in an engineering department (or engineering focused research area) and must have a PhD or equivalent experience. PhD students are eligible to apply but must receive their PhD before they start the Fellowship or the offer will be withdrawn
  • The applicant must currently be a researcher or was a researcher up until the time when they chose to pursue this commercialisation project
  • All levels of academic and researcher are eligible, from third-year PhD students all the way through to Professor or Director. The scheme is not aimed exclusively at ‘post-doctoral’ researchers
  • The Host Institution must be committed to transferring and exploiting the particular technology via a spin-out, in which the Enterprise Fellow will be playing a leading role (CEO/COO). If at the time of application, the Host Institution has not yet decided whether to exploit the technology by licensing to an industrial partner or to exploit via the spin-out route, the decision will need to be made to pursue the spin-out route before an applicant can be invited for an interview
  • All Higher Education Institutions are eligible, as are research institutes that are able to sign up on similar terms to universities
  • The Host Institution must directly employ the applicant for the entire duration of the Fellowship
  • The lead applicant must not be less than 50% Full-Time Equivalent (FTE). They cannot hold any other paid role than the Enterprise Fellowship, so it must be their sole employment-related commitment. Other team members being supported by the Fellowship may contribute any level of FTE and may have other paid roles and duties, but we expect their time to be carefully monitored
  • The applicant must have been involved in the research which is being commercialised, either as the lead researcher or as part of the core team 

How to Apply

There are two stages to the application process. Both must be completed before an application can be assessed by the Selection Panel.

Stage 1

In Stage 1, you briefly tell us about yourself and your innovation. It should take about 30 minutes to complete. If the idea is suitable for the type of support we offer and you are a good fit for the programme, we will invite you to complete a stage 2 application. This stage does not assess how good the idea is, but whether it is suitable for their programme.

Stage 2

The Stage 2 application is more detailed and will consider how good the idea is, and your potential to lead a start-up. You will need to provide more information about yourself, the technology and the business model. This part of the application will be reviewed by a panel of experts and, if successful, you will be invited to interview.

All applications must be submitted through the online application system.

The first submission deadline is August 19, 2019 and if successful at stage 1, applicants will be invited to complete a stage 2 application. Second submission deadline is
September 16, 2019.

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