Achlachan Wind Farm Fund in UK

Achlachan Wind Farm Fund is available to high achieving UK candidates. The fund is organized by Foundation Scotland for the academic year 2019/20. This programme assists community activity and development by supporting the charitable activities of constituted, not-for-profit groups working to benefit the community. The Fund will be worth approximately £30,000 annually for the life… Continue reading Achlachan Wind Farm Fund in UK

Cairnryan Community Fund 2020

The owners of the North Rhins wind farm are providing Cairnryan Community Fund funded by Scottish Power Renewables community for the excellent applicants. Cairnryan Community Fund will support community-led charitable activities that support the rural regeneration and sustainability of the community. The Foundation will provide an amount of up to £500-£10,000 for successful candidates. So… Continue reading Cairnryan Community Fund 2020