Laidlaw Scholarships

There are 25 annual Laidlaw Scholarships that provide funding to enable you to develop leadership and research skills through a range of personal development activities and two six week periods of project work throughout your time at Leeds.

The Laidlaw Scholarship allows you to pursue research on a topic you’re interested in, develop your leadership skills and improve your knowledge, skills and experience to increase your employability.  

The Laidlaw Scholarship was created for self-motivated and proactive students who are interested in developing their skills, primarily in research and leadership, in order to fulfill their future career ambitions and leave a lasting legacy in their chosen field.

Students applying for the 2019 scholarship must be in the first year of their undergraduate programme. Scholars will be expected to undertake two funded periods of research, each lasting six weeks. The first will take place in Summer 2019 and the second in Summer 2020.

If you are interested in developing your research and leadership skills, gaining leadership qualities and joining a UK-wide network of peers, this funded scholarship may be the perfect opportunity for you.

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